Immunization Action on Youtube

We are so excited to share some of these powerful and moving videos from the Immunization Action Youtube channel.  Go to watch and share these videos such as this inspiring and moving video about HPV vaccines in memory of Heather Burcham from Texas.

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Thanks for Attending Our February Workshop!

Hawaii Immunization Registry – Demonstration and Update

Thanks to all the HIC friends and supporters who attended HIC’s workshop and membership meeting on Wednesday, February 19 from 11:30 – 1:30 at Hale Ikena (on Fort Shafter).  The workshop was presented by Lynn Bryan and Kit Uyeda from the Hawaii Immunization Branch.

For more pictures from the workshop, go to our Events and Meetings page.

Thanks again for joining us!

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2014 Immunization Schedules Now Available

Stay up to date!

Download the 2014 immunization schedules for children/adolescents and adults.

For more information, go to the CDC Immunization Schedules.

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Updated By Laws and Articles

Members and supporters of HIC can now review our updated by-laws and restated articles of incorporation.

We will vote to adopt these revised documents at our next workshop meeting on February 19.  Check the website soon for more workshop info!

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In Memory of Loretta Fuddy

HIC is saddened to hear of the recent passing of Loretta Fuddy, Hawaii Director of Health.  She was not only a great ally for community health but also a kind and wonderful person.  As you can see in the photo (she is on the right in the white jacket), she worked hard to build partnerships and communities. She will truly be missed.

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New Universal Immunization Symbol

In the spring of 2013, immunization coalitions around the country voiced a desire for a universal symbol. Putting thought into action, a small group representing the coalitions worked together to identify several potential designs. The committee distributed the final design candidates to the immunization coalitions and one was voted the winner.

The symbol, designed for all immunization organizations and advocates to use, is a way to show our solidarity in awareness of and support for immunization. Just as a pink ribbon is associated with breast cancer awareness, this image can be the recognized symbol of immunization. Organizations are encouraged to work together and use this symbol as a statement of broad support for immunization. The mark does not replace organizational or campaign logos, but is rather a symbol to collectively present a united front in support of immunization.

The symbol is housed on Google Docs in several formats, and is available to all immunization advocates as a free download.  There is also a Style Guide and Read Me Guide providing instructions to download and use the symbol. To access all, go to:

On the Google drive link, you see two folders: (1) _MACOSX; and (2) immunize_final. In these two folders, you will find the Style Guides for use in both Mac and PC operating systems.

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Mahalo for Joining Us

“Immunization Update – 2013″

October 9, 2013 (11:30 am – 1:30 pm)

Thanks to all of our members, stakeholders, and supporters for joining us at our “Immunization Update-2013″ workshop on October 9.   Our featured speaker was Dr. William Atkinson, who has spent over 30 years (in the CDC and the Immunization Action Coalition) educating providers and the public about immunizations.  Please go to our Events and Meetings page to see the presentation and pictures.

Thanks to our sponsors Kaiser Permanente and Novartis.  We appreciate your support for our local efforts to increase and enhance immunizations statewide.


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Hawaii Leads Country in Childhood Vaccinations

According to the 2012 National Immunization Survey, Hawaii is first in the nation when it comes to childhood vaccinations.  We are so proud to be part of the efforts to ensure that our keiki are protected and stay healthy!

Mahalo to our Board President for sharing this and to all of our members and partners who believe that no one should suffer from vaccine-preventable diseases!

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August is National Vaccine Awareness Month

HIC and other organizations nationwide are working together to support National Immunization Awareness Month. During the month of August, we are encouraging keiki and adults to get their recommended vaccines.  For more information, click here

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World Hepatitis Day July 28

In commemoration of World Hepatitis Day on July 28, HIC wants to remind everyone to know their hepatitis B status!  If you were born in Asia or the Pacific Islands and/or if you are living with diabetes, you should get screened for hepatitis B.  If you don’t have immunity, make sure to get vaccinated!

For more information, go to

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